Zephyr Quartet is a bold and adventurous string quartet, delighting in the exploration of diverse music and forging dynamic collaborations. Since its inception in 1999 the quartet has shown a continued determination to expand the boundaries of art music and how it is received by audiences. A firm believer in the power of the string quartet as a medium to communicate and explore complex relationships between society and art, Zephyr has achieved an enviable reputation for artistic excellence, innovation and audience development.

Upcoming Performances

Music for Strings and iThings

As technology increasingly becomes inherent to our existence, Zephyr Quartet explores music for strings and all things ‘i' - smart phones, iPads, Wii controllers and more.

Our 2014 Program

Music for Airport Furniture

New release!

We are thrilled to announce the imminent release of Music for Airport Furniture through the US label Cold Blue Music.

At the beginning of 2013, Zephyr Quartet hit the studio to record Stephen Whittington's Music for Airport Furtniture. We premiered this work in 2011 and it was a pleasure to revisit it and settle into its "sheer elegance and eloquence" (composer Peter Garland). Now, after some expert mixing and mastering we are set for a release date of September 9. Pre-release has seen the CD already played on several radio stations in the US and received international reviews, with critics praising the "luxurious and comforting" (Richard Friedman, KALW San Francisco) nature of the music and describing the Quartet's performance as "outstanding, investing just the right amount of emotional content into each extended phrase" (Paul H. Muller, Sequenza21). 

The CD will also be available through iTunes.

Out now ....

A Rain From The Shadows CD

Zephyr Quartet's much anticipated new CD, A Rain From The Shadows is now available online at iTunes. More details...


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